WTF Wednesday

Music for workout.   Reps & Sets ___________One Arm Seated Preacher Curls__________ Left Arm -x 10 @ 25 lbs no rest Right Arm -x 10 @ 25 lbs 15 second rest Above 4 times _________________________________________ ___________Behind The Head Tricep Extension__________ Standing – x 20 @ 25 lbs 15 second rest Above 4 times _________________________________________ ___________Lateral Pull Down__________ […]

Leg Day With A Preacher & His Curls & Rows

You know it…You love it Reps & Sets _____________Leg Press______________ (Inner Quad Isolation – x 10 @ 150 lbs) 15 second rest between sets. ________________________ (Normal Quad Isolation – x 10 @ 150 lbs) 15 second rest between sets. ________________________ (Outer Quad Isolation – x 10 @ 150 lbs) 15 second rest between sets. ________________________ Everything above do 4 […]

Hip Flexor Pain Relief

My mobility is a real issue when it concerns my hip flexor muscle. Sometimes I have a severe pain. Which undoubtedly is caused by me being in a seated position. It causes the muscle itself to be in a contracted state. So stretching is really important for me and anybody really who is interested in […]

Monday Mayhem

Back to business. Reps & Sets __________________ Wide Grip Lateral Pulldowns – x 10 @ 150 lbs into @ 5 second rest Close Grip Lateral Pulldowns – x 10 @ 150 lbs into @ 5 second rest Reverse Close Grip Lateral Pulldowns – x 10 @ 150 lbs 15 second rest Then repeat 4 times. __________________ Tricep Push […]

Diuretics 101: Diuretics for Bodybuilding

Again my personal opinion about steroids and in this case diuretics. It is your body. You choose what you want to put in it. It’s no secret by now that bodybuilders have been using diuretics to help get drier and more defined leading into a bodybuilding competition and/or photo shoot. I’m going to give you […]

Get Back Up

So for a short period there I had a few missteps. I had originally planned to record a PR lift session. That fell through though. Before that I got caught up in the game love with a pretty wicked woman. But, fear not. I’m about to throw down on some cardio. Which I will be […]

What Is It Like?

I wrote this only the fly because I was half asleep. I’m not sure if it makes sense or not. But, it sounds pretty damn cool. You be the judge. Insanity is having the innate ability to ascertain the thoughts from your mind and correlate them in such a way that the restrictions of which […]

I’m Still Here

I’m still here for those who visit this site. Just been super busy. I will be recording a video or two of some lifts for PRs. So be on the lookout for that. For the mean time a little insight into my mind. I fucking love the shit out of Sevendust. So give this a […]